19 de junio de 2013

Big D And The Kids Table - Stomp (2013)

STOMP is Big D's SKA/Punk release filled with a mix of Operation Ivy, The Specials, and The Suicide Machines-esque style and of course Big D’s signature sound. Tracks like ‘Stepping Out’ and ‘The Noise’ are aggressive and fun, while the track ‘Shit Tattoos’ simply spends it’s time taking the piss out of terrible tattoo artists. ‘Don’t Compare Me To You’ is a darker tune that seems to come from the shadows while ‘You Treat Everyone Like Shit’ conveys Big D’s signature thrash. Any lover of SKA/Punk will undoubtedly love Big D’s new classic.

1. Stepping Out
2. Shit Tattoos
3. Social Muckary
4. Pinball
5. Static
6. The Noise
7. Temperamental
8. Don't Compare Me To You
9. Dirty Daniel
10. Pitch 'n' Sway
11. You Treat Everyone Like Shit
12. Line Selector
13. No Moaning At The Bar


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