19 de junio de 2013

Big D And The Kids Table - Stroll (2013)

‘STROLL’ is the record named after the style of music Big D created. It can be described as a blend of hopscotch /double-dutch schoolyard rhymes with a mix of Soul and Dub. It’s what a Tarentino movie would sound like in song form-- Big D’s experimental outlet. Songs like ‘Young Suckers’ sounds as if The Commitments and The Refused had a love child; while the gruesome song ‘Knife’ tells the tale of escaping a cantina in Mexico with the help of a trusted knife. ‘STROLL’ is filled with some of Big D’s new classics like ‘Main Squeeze’ and ‘Just An Idea’. The Doped Up Dollies (Big D’s back up singers) are back again singing stylistically from hopscotch rhymes to traditional reggae and tunes not unlike The Crystals like ‘What I Got’; the Dollies’ first solo song. ‘STROLL’ is an expansion of Big D that is a creative sound that pushes stylist boundaries. Once preordered a digital download code for both albums will be emailed to you on June 10th.

1. Knife
2. Young Suckers
3. Put It In A Song
4. Lynn Lynn The City Of Sin
5. Main Squeeze
6. What I Got
7. Just An Idea
8. Spit That Champagne Out
9. Tell Me Why
10. Moment Of Weakness
11. Drink Me Down
12. Our First Day
13. Better Off Insane
14. Trust In Music


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