4 de agosto de 2016

Matamoska - M Is For Murder (2016)

MATAMOSKA were formed in a bedroom in Montebello, California around November 2000 at the time when the ghetto punk/ska movement was still in it's infancy. Matamoska was a band made up of people with very diverse tastes in music. The band was a mix of sounds, influences and languages, singing both in English and Spanish. As a result of this, the band played numerous backyard gigs, and small club shows with many punk, metal, hardcore, sXe, crust/grind, psychobilly, garage, reggae, rock en español, and ska bands.

1. Dia De Los Muertos
2. M Is For Murder
3. Porphyria
4. De Verdad
5. Chucky Tiene Chamba
6. Night Of 100 Fights
7. You Got Red On You
8. Heroes With Beards
9. Tape Mix Special
10. Qué Pex?!
11. Beer Googles

Youtube: Beer Googles


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