5 de octubre de 2016

River Ratts - Hangover Blues (2016)

River Ratts from Riverside, Ca with members who were in a band called Los Rudos.
The band was ready for a new sound and new ideas, they felt was for the better resulting in the birth of River Ratts. The band's eclectic and new sounds comes from the variety of influences each member brings to the table, but that's exactly what makes River Ratts so unique. Influences include Suicide Silence, Bad Brains, Korn, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Morrissey, System of a Down, Cannibal Corpse, The Germs, The Growlers, Blood Brothers and more.

1. Dying Sun
2. Alone With The Gods
3. Closer To You
4. Dirk Diggler
5. Monogamy On The Rock
6. Ratt City
7. Tina Don't Love Me
8. Rich Man
9. Arturo Bandini
10. Killer Rollerbader
11. She's A Creeper
12. King Green

Youtube: She's A Creeper

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