28 de marzo de 2017

King Kong 4 - There's Not Much You Or I Can Do About It (2017)

What started as a writing session to come up with some ideas for Prince Perry (who is now relocated to Costa Rica) became the foundation for this instrumental EP. King Kong 4 recorded the beds live off the floor without a care or a click track at Slaughterhouse 754 over two years ago. Coming across the tracks a couple of years later they’ve filled out the songs with additional guitars, organ and percussion.
The EP and song titles are taken from Nevil Shute's post-apocalyptic novel, On The Beach, the story a group of people waiting for the-end-of-the-world following a nuclear war.
Agradecemos a Mitch (King Kong) Girio por enviarnos el disco de su banda para compartirlo con ustedes. Si les gusta su propuesta, pueden seguirlos en facebook o bandcamp.

1. Going A Bit Mad In Our Own Way
2. To Lose Before You Start
3. Sitting Behind The Wheel Of Her Car
4. Going A Bit Mad In Our Own Dub
5. Sitting Behind The Dub Of Her Car

Youtube: Sitting Behind The Wheel Of Her Car


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